Water Softner Systems in Columbus

In Columbus, a water softener can make all the difference in your home. The liquids are not only softened but polished. This makes it easy to rinse shampoo out of your hair completely. Your home and all of its surfaces are not only cleaner but also residue free. Call The Home Depot Home Services of Columbus to set up a meeting with an expert, including an in-home analysis.

There are two premium systems for you to choose from. The EC4 technology includes smart control. This means that as you and your family use water, the system will learn your habits. This saves you money as less water is consumed and the salt use is decreased. These are computer controlled and can process thousands of computations per second.

Why Test Your Water?

2 million Americans get sick each year from tap water.

-Natural Resources Defense Council

The TC system has an emphasis on saving energy. It is a low voltage electrical system that softens conditions and also filters out all of the impurities that keep your water hard.

These Columbus water softener systems are available in a variety of designs and features that can be customized to any home. At The Home Depot Home Services of Columbus we know that these systems are built to last a lifetime. Both system options carry a limited lifetime warranty. We have flexible financing options so call today to learn more about which option best suits your needs.